BitFlyer: Japanese giant buying Bitcoin exports well to Europe

When we talk about cryptocurrency buying platforms, we often mention giants like Binance, Coinbase or Kraken. Yet, among the giants of this ecosystem, one of them, much more discreet in the press, has nothing to envy these media companies: it is the Japanese leader, bitFlyer.

bitFlyer, a rapid and discreet ascent

bitFlyer is therefore a Japanese company whose role is to offer the purchase and trading of cryptocurrencies. Born in 2014 in Tokyo, bitFlyer quickly established itself as the benchmark platform on its native territory before conquering a few years later. Founded by two former Goldman Sachs merchant bank executives, Yuzo Kano and Takafumi Komiyala, bitFlyer has managed to keep the codes of the traditional financial world while mixing them before the agility of the crypto world. A remarkable mixture that will allow the Japanese giant to quickly attract institutional investors and experience meteoric growth.

Japanese discipline at the service of a cryptocurrency platform

If the Japanese are known for their foolproof discipline, bitFlyer is no exception. Indeed, we find the codes of a rigorous nation on this sleek platform, both simple to use but complete, millimeter ergonomics at the service of the user. And that’s the goal of bitFlyer to rise to the same height as the giants in its sector. The platform succeeds in the complicated gamble of pleasing both actors and users of the world of cryptocurrencies, as well as the traditional actor. In its strategy, the Japanese leader sees in the long term and has chosen sobriety.

Conquering the world

After an explosive start in the land of the rising sun, the company is in the throes of expansion and aims to become a world leader in the purchase of bitcoins. It is in this context that in 2017, bitFlyer opened its first office in San Francisco with the aim of hunting in the United States, the land of many competitors. A year later, Bitflyer puts down his bags in Luxembourg, it is the turn of Europe to discover the Japanese platform. Always in a long-term and calculated strategy, bitFlyer will never seek to skip the stages and will take the time to know the territories it addresses before getting busy. An exercise in patience that she masters rather well as evidenced by the many photos showing the founders of bitFlyer alongside the Luxembourg finance minister.

“When I launched bitFlyer in 2014, I already had international ambitions and the conviction that an approved regulatory status was fundamental for the sustainability of bitcoin and, more generally, of the virtual currency industry in its together ”, explained the CEO and founder of bitFlyer”

Since 2019, the bitFlyer crypto currency exchange platform has had all the necessary licenses to operate in Europe, Japan and the United States.

Discover bitFlyer Ideal for novices …

If bitFlyer masters the relational exercise and has been able to seduce professionals in the world of finance, its platform also has everything to please individuals who are adept at cryptocurrencies. Generally, all cryptocurrency buying platforms are distinguished by a particular characteristic. For example, Coinbase shines with its simplicity of use but practices relatively high costs, Kraken, on the contrary seduced by its really low costs but is not necessarily within the reach of the most beginners. bitFlyer, on the other hand, successfully combines the advantages: inexpensive and easy to use.

… As for confirmed traders

bitFlyer puts together the arguments to convince newbies discovering bitcoin to use their platform rather than another. But don’t forget that bitFlyer was originally designed by traders for traders. Also, if the platform will delight novices for its simplicity, it will in no way disappoint traders confirmed thanks to Lightning Exchange. A complete trading environment perfectly designed to meet the requirements of experts.

The Japanese bitcoin giant has worked in silence since 2014 to reach today an irreproachable level of professionalism, like the Japanese discipline. Today, it seems that bitFlyer is ready and armed to continue its growth in Asia, Europe and the United States. Now, if you compare cryptocurrency buying and trading platforms, feel free to add bitFlyer to your list, you might not be disappointed.

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