Which wireless headphones to choose for sports? Here are the 5 best of the moment

Wireless headphones hit the market a few years ago. And if their use in everyday life was the first to be highlighted, their practicality for sport was quickly demonstrated, leading manufacturers to create models designed for these activities, or sometimes simply decline earphones already present on the market. Between support, autonomy and resistance to dust and water, several characteristics are important for headphones that we will use for fitness, bodybuilding, running … in short, for sport. Let’s discover together the 5 best wireless headphones of the moment, designed for sportsmen and sportswomen.


Produit Autonomyie Commandes on device Water Resistant Active Reduction
Beats Powerbeats Pro 9h (+18h) Yes IPX4 (splashes) No
Jabra Elite Active 75t 7h30 (+20h) Yes IP57 (dust & immersion) No
Sony WF-SP800N 13h (+13h) YES IP55 (dust & water jets) Yes
Plantronics BlackBeat Fit 3200 8h (+16h) YES IP57 (dust & immersion) No
Jaybird Vista 6h30 +(10h) YES IPX7 (immersion) No

Our selection of wireless headphones
Beats Powerbeats Pro – Support and battery, its watchwords

Already present on the wireless headphones market at around € 150, but also on the high-end market, the apple brand has not forgotten to also target athletes. With its Beats brand, which it bought in 2014, Apple covers the entire market, often for the best. No question here of limiting the use of Powerbeats Pro to only iPhone and iPad users, the company knows how to differentiate its brands and therefore offers here a product that everyone can use, whatever the smartphone, the tablet or even the watch. connected compatible. However, it should be noted that the headphones are compatible with Siri voice commands, and only under iOS, of course. For Android users, the Powerbeats Pro still allows you to launch the Google Assistant, although it is a little more tedious to use. It is via the buttons that it is possible to activate this, in addition to modifying the volume, the current title, etc.

Arguably the most important point of a pair of wireless headphones for sport: comfort. In this area, the Powerbeats Pro are doing well with honors since the earbuds at the arches, everything is well thought out, everything works perfectly. You can chain dips, squats and start running 10km after that it will not move. Their maintenance is such that they are quickly forgotten and we ask ourselves the question of why Beats and Apple have not thought of making them independent with, why not, an internal storage system making it possible to store Spotify songs offline, for outdoor sessions without a smartphone. What’s more, the autonomy of 9 hours coupled with two recharges via the housing (leading to almost 30 hours) is undoubtedly one of the strong arguments of this product, promising never to disturb you during a session.

As for the pure audio of this pair of headphones, we are on Beats and as always, the bass is obviously present. Controlled, although sometimes invasive, they will delight you if you like music using and abusing bass. For the others, the mediums are certainly not to be outdone since we are entitled to something of quality, with a rendering bringing a beautiful feeling of presence. The treble is also very good, but a little less controlled than the rest. This is not in any way embarrassing as the final rendering is of quality.


Maintaining exemplary
Long-lasting battery
Quality sound
Full functionality via buttons
Acceptable latency of 150ms
Well thought out design
Automatic pause when a headset is removed

The lessers

The useless application except for the battery
The price is a bit high
Slightly waterproof IPX4 (splashes only)

Powerbeats Pro Headphones …

Fully Wireless High Performance Headphones – Black
Up to 9 hours of listening time (more than 24 hours with the charging case)
Comfort and stability thanks to the adjustable and ultra-light ear hooks
Design improving resistance to water and perspiration during your workouts or …

Jabra Elite Active 75t – Waterproof headphones (IP57)

With an already successful experience in the headphone market at around € 150, the known and recognized brand that is Jabra has decided to decline its Elite 75t in an active version, which changes almost nothing, if not a very important detail: their tightness. Designed for sport, they have an IP57 certification, making them “protected against dust and other microscopic residues” as well as “protected against the effects of temporary immersion (up to 1 m) and for 30 minutes” . To make it clear, there is no question of going to swim with it but you can definitely consider jogging in heavy rain if you want. Sealing does not only protect them from drops from the sky, but also from those produced by your body: after a session deemed intense by your body, it is completely normal for it to react by sweating, sometimes more strongly, which could endanger unsealed earphones.

For everything else, we stay on something identical to the classic Elite 75t. The support is very good and, despite their classic shape, the headphones do not fall from the ears even when running. In terms of battery, we are here on a model offering 7 hours and 30 minutes of autonomy, supported by a case allowing to charge a little more than three times the headphones in order to go up, ultimately, to 28 hours. As always, the headphones have buttons on the sides, allowing you to change tracks, pause and raise or lower the volume, without forgetting to activate the voice assistant.

As for the audio quality, this is where the Jabra Elite Active 75t may be a little flabby. With a final rendering all the same very good, it must be admitted that the bass suffers from the same problem as the basic version of the headphones, that is to say a certain imbalance, making them too present, sometimes uncomfortable depending the type of music heard; similarly for radio for example, these can sometimes prevent certain words from being understood. The solution is quite simple since it is enough to go to the equalizer of the Jabra Sound + application, but it is always a shame to go through this step.


A more waterproof version (IP57) of the Elite 75t
A good battery
Good support despite the classic shape of the headphones
An affordable price for such a product
Full controls on the headphones

The lessers

Too much bass and an audio spectrum not always at the top
Quite high latency of over 250ms

Jabra Elite Active 75t …

OPTIMAL HOLDING – We have scanned thousands of ears with a specific objective: …
INCOMPARABLE RESISTANCE – Water resistant. Sweating. On effort …
PROVEN SAFETY – HearThrough mode lets you modulate ambient sounds by …
UP TO 28 HOURS OF USE – With their listening autonomy of up to 7:30 with …

Sony WF-SP800N – Sportsmen with active reduction

When you read the description of the other pairs of wireless headphones designed for sports, you may have noticed one thing: none of them, whatever their price, offers active noise reduction. If it’s almost basic on headphones around 250 €, it seems it is not the priority for sport. This can be understood by the fact that in the middle of a sports session, we don’t necessarily have an ear focused on ambient noise; but when you also use them for quieter activities, it can be very useful.

Sony understands this and offers, with its WF-SP800N, a convincing blend of sport and everyday use through its active noise reduction. Although quite humble, it does its job largely, while avoiding being too energy-consuming: the autonomy is 9 hours with the reduction against 13 hours without, a hell of a performance therefore. The case allows you to recharge the battery only once. In terms of comfort, the headphones are fitted with small membranes in the form of “fins” allowing them to be better fixed in the ear and thus guarantee excellent support during the session. A pity however that the tips offered with the product are not suitable for all types of body types, very large ears will find it difficult to navigate. Like most sports headphones, these are IP55, i.e. resistant to dust and splashes.

As we said above, active reduction is not the best on Sony WF-SP800N, but does the job. It is more or less the same for the audio quality in general: without the Sony QN1e processor known for offering excellent rendering on other headphones, this sports version remains below what music lovers can expect. Obviously, we are not talking about a ridiculous rendering here, since these 800N offer a very good sound quality, with which more is the ExtraBass system which will please lovers (bass).


Active noise reduction
Very good autonomy
IP55 resistance
Good support
Fluid touch controls

The lessers

Active reduction and audio quality are not at the top
Lack of big tips for big ears
The case only offers a refill

Plantronics BackBeat Fit 3200 – The most affordable

The biggest problem in the market for wireless headphones, sports or not, is probably the price that can slow more than one. Here, Plantronics offers a product below 150 € and will allow a certain flexibility on the allocated budget. But that obviously forces the brand to make some concessions and sometimes even turn that into an advantage. In short, they are resistant to dust and water (immersion up to 1m for 30 minutes) and their design is totally focused on sports: the shape of the earphones provides excellent support. The autonomy announced is 8 hours, a result which is largely comfortable.

This is particularly the case for the case to be used with these headphones. If in the vast majority of cases we have something well finished, all in quality plastic, sometimes covered with a thin fabric for the style, we are light years away from that for the BackBeat Fit 3200. Obviously allowing recharge the headphones (up to two times by the way), the outside is very different from usual since it has a zipper and therefore a more flexible touch than the others. But although it can be cheap, you have to admit that this technique makes it possible to avoid accidentally opening the case, while making it possible to better absorb shocks if it comes to fall from your hands, for example.

We can say that it is at the noise level that the shoe pinches, but still without being a disaster, let’s not forget that we are still at a fairly high price compared to a simple pair of headphones bought at the station quickly before jumping on the train. Treble, medium and bass are of good quality and allow you to fully enjoy all your content; but be careful not to push too much, this can lead to saturation of sounds, especially the bass which can sometimes be a little too present and poorly controlled.


The attractive price
Qualities despite pricing
8 hour battery life per charge
The case that can make useful what is basic a concession
The buttons are customizable via the application
IP57 certification is no small feat

The lessers

Audio quality is obviously not at the top of the top

Jaybird Vista – They get the job done, without much innovation

The Jaybird company (subsidiary of Logitech since 2016 by the way) is known for working on products adapted to sportsmen and sportswomen. It is the spearhead of the brand, the field which launched it on the market, since the founder decided to create Jaybird to offer headphones resistant to perspiration and not restrictive to physical activity. If they first proposed a Bluetooth headset and a bracelet for monitoring the pioneering activity in the field, it was in 2017 that they launched themselves on the wireless headset market to, without doubt, finally arrive to the basic expected result by the founder.

More recently, after two fairly average tests (it must be said), Jaybird launched the Vista. If they have not necessarily been talked about a lot, we must admit that their quality is not to be outdone and that they have their place here. The big highlight is undoubtedly their format, allowing excellent support and comfort in any event. The case is also well thought out at this level: its small size and its strap will allow you to carry them easily with you. They are also designed to be submerged to a maximum of 1 meter for 30 minutes thanks to the IPX7 certification. In terms of battery on the other hand, it is a little more complicated since the headphones run around 6 hours of autonomy and the case allows only 10 to be added, for a total of 16 short hours.

Same accuracy on the sound where the finding is not excellent, but, as we have already said, for such expensive products, nothing is ever really catastrophic. You will be entitled to less clarity on the treble and less pronounced bass than elsewhere, without this being too disturbing. No active noise reduction here, just the benefit of basic in-ear headphones that cut you off from the world around you, without doing miracles, of course.


Very good support and comfort
IPX7 certification
Lower price than most competitors

The lessers

A really too light battery
The sound side is not the best
Jaybird Vista, Headphones …
Jaybird Vista, Headphones …
Convenient storage – the compact and ultra-flat case allows you to carry and charge your …
Resistance to any test, the Design Fully waterproof and resistant to …
Always ready – Jaybird Vista earphones give you six hours of audio playback on …
Find your rhythm – the Jaybird app gives you endless control over the equalizer …


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