Smart toilet to analize your excrements

We don’t necessarily have the means or the desire to wear a connected watch or any other health measurement sensor. Going to the doctor regularly is sometimes not an option given to everyone. However, everyone goes to the bathroom!

What if toilets can diagnose illnesses? There is nothing surreal about the idea. It is even very seriously considered by Josh Coon, professor of chemistry at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and also researcher at the Morgridge Research Institute. The latter imagines “smart toilets” clad with sensors capable of analyzing the chemical composition of urine and excrement.

Waste that is worth gold

These analyzes are nothing extraordinary. It is very common to give a urine sample to the doctor or a lab. These toilets would be able to carry out analyzes every day (and even several times a day!), Thus supplying an individual’s health database. He does not have to receive notifications on his smartphone on the state of his waste … However, this information can be transmitted to an autonomous health system which would notify the doctor treating the person, in case of problems .

A high level of glucose in the urine can be a sign of the development of diabetes. And when the protein level in the urine is too high, it is that the disease started to cause serious damage to the kidneys… The principle of smart toilets then takes all its sense to prevent such health problems before disease.

The idea is gaining ground in the scientific community, but the costs remain very high to turn this idea into reality – and affordable. There are also questions of confidentiality: would a company that “offers” smart toilets to its employees not be tempted to use the data to determine the “medical value” of an employee?

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