Instagram launches its TikTok clone in France

After several months of testing in Brazil, a new Instagram feature is now arriving in France and Germany: Reels. An almost identical copy of TikTok, this new video option lets you record and edit 15-second videos with a plethora of visual and sound effects.

To stay competitive, sometimes you just have to copy what is already working. Instagram proves it today with the limited launch of a new sub-application obviously created to ride the popularity of TikTok. This Wednesday, June 24, the photographic social network of Facebook deploys Reels (for “reels”, in English), a new tab alongside the Stories now well known. This function had been in test phase in Brazil since last November under the name “Cenas” among a limited number of users, as TechCrunch noted. Today she arrives in France and Germany. “Reels offers a new way to create and share short videos on Instagram,” said the social network in its official statement. In short, for regulars of TikTok: nothing new under the Sun.

Reels is accessible from the camera tool of the mobile application. It allows you to record and edit very short videos – around 15 seconds – using a variety of visual, sound and music effects. You can film a series of clips directly from the app before editing them. A “Timer” tool even gives you the option of recording a video without holding your smartphone in your hands. Nothing forces you to save everything in one go: Instagram can keep pre-saved and unfinished Reels in draft. Then, if your account is public, you can share your creation either in your only news feed or to the rest of the world, through the “Explore” tab. The latter will thus be similar to TikTok’s “For You” thread where content from various accounts – and not only those to which you are subscribed – scroll. Some will be “selected by Instagram curators” to put them on the front page. They “review public Reels and select those they deem entertaining and culturally relevant.” In this case, we are still far from the finely calculated algorithm of TikTok. Finally, once shared, the published Reels are found in a new specific tab on your profile, so as not to mix with the rest of your photos. Only Reels associated with Stories or a private message will automatically disappear in 24 hours.

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