How to monetize a web site

For a long time, banners and pop-ups, paid at CPC or CPM, have been the alpha and omega of monetization on the internet. But Internet users are increasingly reluctant to these intrusive advertising formats, not to mention those who use an ad blocker. Revenues from display advertising have been falling steadily for several years. Fortunately there are smarter solutions to monetize your audience. We have selected the five most effective strategies in 2018.

Learn about affiliate marketing

This involves recommending a product or service, by including an affiliate link in your article to redirect your visitors to the site marketing the offer in question. You receive a commission on the sale, which can range from 10 to 50% of the price. For example, you run a nutrition blog and recommend a new superfood. Your reader, seduced, makes the purchase for a basket of 50 €: you recover fifteen euros.

Respect your audience, it is your most precious asset! Recommend products in which you really believe, and ideally that you yourself have already tried. Also, be transparent that the link is sponsored.

There are many affiliate platforms, but you can also directly join the program of a major online merchant like Amazon or Rakuten.

Do your recommendations generate online purchases? Get a commission. Photo: Photo Mix, Pexels

Sell ​​your own content

It is almost impossible to sell simple articles, especially if your audience has always been used to consulting your site or blog for free. On the other hand, if you are an expert in your field, why not write an ebook?

You have to spend a lot of time writing and designing. Is it better than the ebooks already available? Be sure to do an upstream comparison. One possibility is to recycle dozens of previously published articles and synthesize them in a new format, then promote the latter to new readers.

There are turnkey solutions, like PayPal, to protect your ebook behind a payment wall.

Write publicity announcements

Has your site reached a large and qualified audience? Many brands dream of being able to reach your readers. However, respect for your editorial line prevails. Also, keep control over the sponsored articles that you distribute. The best, of course, is to be the author yourself! In addition, clearly differentiate advertorials from purely editorial articles on your site. It’s an ethical issue, but it’s also the law.

Finding clients is tedious, however, and negotiations can take a long time. In this area, the platform is your best ally. Once your website is listed, you will be visible to more than 500 potential customers. A brand can then offer you to write about its offer for a fee. You are free to accept or not. acts as a centralized platform and trusted intermediary. The key is productivity gains on both sides and a win-win deal.

It’s probably the most effective and audience-friendly way to monetize your influence.

Generate leads

Emails from potential consumers are worth gold! Email marketing is not dead, on the contrary. Capture the emails of your visitors – the famous “leads” – and sell these lists to brands potentially interested in this audience. A file of 1,000 emails can be sold for tens of euros, or more, depending on the industry.

There are easy modules to add to your blog for lead generation. Take a look at Sumo or Wishpond. If you don’t sell your ebook, you can also condition its free download against your visitor’s email!

Your readers are probably an ideal target: monetize their emails. (Photo: Joe The Goat Farmer, Flickr)

The essential AdSense
Certainly, display advertising alone is no longer sufficient to generate an honorable income. It still remains a significant source, if however you choose the right management. AdSense is a safe choice because of its simplicity and efficiency. Google’s offering is easy to set up, and adapts the advertisements displayed according to the content published on your site.

The remuneration is made on the basis of cost per click (CPC), between approximately 0.50 and 5 € per click. Of course, the higher your traffic, the more it can bring in, sometimes hundreds of euros per month. Be careful not to multiply the advertising formats on your page: visitors would turn away from your site and the effect would then be counterproductive …

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