Coronavirus: a second wave “extremely likely” in the fall, believes the Scientific Council

CAUTION – While the Covid-19 epidemic is “under control” in France, the fear of a new wave after the summer season worries the Scientific Council.

According to the Scientific Council, it is more than likely that the Covid-19, whose spread is currently slowing in Europe, will re-emerge in the fall. “An intensification of the circulation of SARS-CoV-2 in the northern hemisphere at a more or less distant time (a few months, and especially with the approach of winter) is extremely probable”, estimates the group of experts responsible for enlightening the government on the evolution of the epidemic, in a notice made public this Monday, June 22.

Faced with the hypothesis of a second wave after the start of the new school year, the Scientific Council recommends keeping the health data collected throughout the epidemic. “In this context, it seems essential to us to keep the data for research and epidemiological monitoring”, writes the scientific council, adding that it is “a unique source of information (…) in order to understand the dynamics of the spread of the virus, and to appreciate the impact of the various measures to control (its) circulation. ”

“Nothing is very clear yet”

In fact, while the epidemic seems “under control” in France, the fear of a second wave at the start of the school year, once temperatures drop, arouses the concern of part of the scientific community.

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