Amazon presents Honeycode, to program without writing a line of code

Jeff Bezos’ company is launching the beta version of Honeycode as part of its Amazon Web Services suite. This new software allows you to create professional applications without knowing any programming skills.

Credits: Amazon Web Services.

Codeless programming services seem to be gaining popularity these days. After AppMaker by Google and Microsoft’s Power Platform, the Amazon Web Services (AWS) suite, offered by Jeff Bezos’ company for businesses, launched the beta version of Honeycode. This software allows, thanks to the simple management of “templates” and worksheets in Microsoft Excel, to design applications for mobile or web browser. “If you or your colleagues are already familiar with the mechanics of spreadsheets and formulas, you will be happy to learn that everything you know about spreadsheets applies to Honeycode,” Amazon said in a press release (ci below). This new service is aimed primarily at professionals, to help them meet their needs in terms of business and personnel management. Among the application models that can be found on Honeycode, the service includes tools for inventory or event management, deployment monitoring for field agents or sorting of leave.

The approach chosen by Honeycode is that of a simple drag and drop of different functional blocks, already organized in the “templates” mentioned. Thus, apart from the tables and worksheets with which to juggle to order the data and variables, the user does not, a priori, need to write a single line of code. Once an application is created, its deployment is free internally in your company. The maintenance of the application will be fully taken into account from the AWS suite. On the other hand, if you make it available to the public, it will become payable beyond 20 users.

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