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After making most social networks filthy rich,
time as come to reverse the stream, and get paid to socialize.

Yes you read right, WE (you, me, everybody) made most social networks incredibly rich and what was our reward?


We get banned, blocked and spammed with endless advertising but never get rewarded in anyways.

WePals has decided to stop this nonsense and give back 50% of its income back to the users, YOU.

After all it is members who generates the revenue to a social network.

How WePals works:

You signup and will never have to pay anything. Then you invite your friends and family. They will do just the same, you know, social network style of friends inviting friends. Wepals.net sells text ads and gives back 50% of its income to you. Just register and use the site.

If you are an affiliate of any other program, you can buy cheap per click visitors to what ever opportunity you promote. Your link will then be shown on all WePals timeline pages.

All you have to do is signup today and invite your friends.

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Once you register, all your friends and their friends can make you income. There is nothing to do.